Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for pgRouting hosted on OSGeo mailing list server:

For development and PSC related topics, please write to the developer mailing list.

Issue Tracker

Each repository has its own issue tracker provided by GitHub:

Please, use these issue trackers for bug reports, feature requests or similar issues.

Git Repository

pgRouting hosts its source code on Github:

There you can find repositories for pgRouting library itself as well as source code of the project website, osm2pgrouting, the workshop and others. pgRouting repositories are public, but write access is limited. Send an email to if you want to make changes to the website our if you want to contribute to the project. If you’re new to Git, find more information here:

pgRouting Library

To checkout the latest pgRouting Library code base:

git clone git:// pgrouting

If you plan to submit patches or changes, make a fork of the repository:

  1. Make sure you’ve got a GitHub account and that you’re logged in.
  2. Go to:, click the “fork” button. Now you should have your own version of the repository.
  3. Use the same commands as above, but you’ll substitute your username like this:
git clone git://<username>/pgrouting.git pgrouting

pgRouting Website

To checkout the latest pgRouting Website code base:

git clone git:// website

The pgRouting website is built with Sphinx. If you want to make changes to the website, contribute content or make corrections, feel free to fork the repository and submit pull requests. Or send an email to and we will give you commit rights to the repository.


Translations of documentation and workshop are managed with Transifex:

If you want to help with translations, create an account and make a request to join the project on Transifex.

How to contribute

Find out more about how to contribute:

Request for Comments (RFC)

pgRouting RFC’s describes a major change in the technological underpinnings of pgRouting, major additions to functionality, or changes in the direction of the project.

Project Steering Committee

Due to members inactivity the project steering committee is currently not operating.

For Project Steering Committee guideline see RFC 01.