How to sponsor

Maybe you have used pgRouting for your research project or for some commercial application or something else. Then we hope that the library and the information on the pgRouting website helped you to get your work done. Or maybe you’re planning to use pgRouting for your next project.

pgRouting is an Open Source project and so the users and the community are the most valuable and most important factor. pgRouting development is carried out largely by a group of volunteers, that in time have built up a large, valuable and useful code base, free to use and improve for everybody. We appreciate every Feedback about pgRouting.

We would like to extend our activities and improve the quality of pgRouting. Your financial contribution will support the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of pgRouting.

Sponsorship is not a way for individuals to control the development of the project, but rather a way of ensuring the longevity and overall health of the project.

How can you support the pgRouting Development

There are two kinds of financial contributions, we accept:

  • Sponsorships: A sponsorship is a commitment of one or more years to financialy contribute to the project.

  • Donations: a donation is an occacional financial contribution to the project.

CommunityBridge Open Collective


Sponsors can contribute to pgRouting for any amount of money and has commitment for several years. Sponsorships level lasts one year, after which it is reset according to the new financuial contribution. At or above the following levels a sponsor will be designated as being one of the following class:

  • Platinum Sponsor: 3.000+ USD (yearly) or 250+ USD (monthly)

  • Gold Sponsor: 1.200+ USD (yearly) or 100+ USD (monthly)

  • Silver Sponsor: 600+ USD (yearly) or 50+ USD (monthly)

  • Bronze Sponsor: 240+ USD (yearly) or 20+ USD (monthly)

Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring the pgRouting project should contact with questions, or to make arrangements.

Sponsorships and donations can be of any amount through CommunityBridge or Open Collective. Visit the info pages of our fiscal hosts to get more details on their fees:

Even a small donation can make a big difference and help to reach important project goals!

What is your benefit sponsoring the pgRouting Development

Sponsoring the pgRouting project provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures the sustainability and health of the pgRouting project.

  • All sponsors will be listed on the main page of the website sponsor page, ordered by contribution class: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze with a link back to the sponsor.

    • Platinum Sponsors

      • listed with a large logo (12k pixel. e.g. 400x300px)

      • logo also placed in the sidebar of

    • Gold Sponsors

      • listed with a large logo (60k pixel, e.g. 300x200px)

    • Silver sponsors

      • listed with a medium size logo (30k pixel, e.g. 200x150px)

    • Bronze sponsors

      • listed without logo

  • Sponsors will be allowed to use the pgRouting logo on their web site and show they are a sponsor of the pgRouting project

  • Donors can be listed on the website page upon request, but do not receive the additional benefits listed above for sponsors

How do we use financial support

The sponsorship funds will be spent to directly to

  • Improve the code base of the project,

    • Fund developers to work on specific aspects of pgRouting including implementing new features and fixing bugs.

  • Tasks that generally receive less attention from developers,

    • Improvement of documentation

    • Translation

  • Work on peripheral project’s

    • workshop materials

    • osm2pgrouting

    • PgroutingLayer pluggin for QGIS

  • Scholarship for students, who applied for Google Summer of Code with a great pgRouting proposal, but were unable to receive one of the limited Google stipends.